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Barrister Raymond Broomhall LLB GDLP

Ray specialises in extremely complex matters and has repute for his lateral thinking and for finding solutions outside of the square. He revels in working on matters that have been placed in the ‘too hard basket’ by other legal practitioners.

He is in high demand throughout the world for his work on electromagnetic radiation issues and is considered to be one of the leading advocates in this field. He has an extensive law library and a large collection of early colonial law which assists him greatly in widening his knowledge of the Common Law.

Admission & Bar Roll

Admission:  24 August 2012

Signed Bar Roll:  30 August 2013

Current Practising Certificates:

  •  High Court of Australia
  •  Supreme Court of Tasmania

The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit

5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability

Get instant access and watch the game-changing 2-part interview with Raymond Broomhall (Barrister) and Josh del Sol on the 5G Crisis Summit – https://the5Gsummit.com. Part 1 discusses the legal action and the early results of stopping thousands of cell sites, and Part 2 walks through, step-by-step doing the process.

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